Open Positions

If you think about working with us and want to apply, I highly recommend reading through this link prior to writing your statement. It is from the MemoLab (US-based), but many things apply as well. At some point I hope to write my own document, but this has to suffice for now.


2x TVL-13 100% positions. Find more details here or directly access the official posting (pdf)


Currently no open HiWi positions - maybe in Fall 2024 again.

Open Projects

If you are interested in the areas of methods development, EEG, Eye-Tracking, Visual Processing, Cognitive Science, it is always a good idea to shoot us an email. Sometimes we have capacities for theses without a formal offer. Note on external theses: We usually only accept these if they fit within the topic of our lab.


Effect of stimulus duration on brain activity, during a rapid serial presentation task


Currently no MSc thesis topics available.