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Poster Template

Scientific poster templates are free to use under CC-By license.

Better Poster Ideas

A poster in the ⚪

Authors call it "tondo" meaning round piece of art.

One coolest poster ever from Voyageurs Wolf Project, focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the Greater Voyageurs Ecosystem, Minnesota, USA.

Someone knit their conference poster 👀, and it 🏆 a price too.

No differences in reading speed or user preference between a sans serif typeface (Roboto) and and a serif typeface (Roboto Serif)? Says Vecino in a paper "How does serif vs sans serif typeface impact the usability of e-commerce websites?"

Can you give the same poster twice?

Interactive poster with 🔊 & 📄 🪄

Posters not in English

Box plot makeover